Signals FAQ

Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions received by our team concerning the trade alerts sent out inside the VIP team.

Q: How many day trades are usually sent out each day?

A: On days when the market is open, Nick takes anywhere from 0-4 trades daily.

Q: How many Swing trades are usually sent out each day?

A: On days when the market is open, Nick takes anywhere from 0-4 swing trades daily.

Q: What percentage of Nick’s trades are profitable / What is his Win Percentage?

A: Historically about 70% for swing trading, and a lower win rate for his day trades, though they usually maintain a larger risk:reward ratio. You can checkout some of his verified trading records here:

Q: How many pips do you target per week/month?

A: Depending on the time of year and how the markets are behaving, Nick targets anywhere from 100-500 pips profit a week on average.

Q: I am trading in another time zone, would I miss a lot due to the time difference?

A: Nick trades the New York and Asian sessions but there are plenty of traders in the community who trade and share ideas during the London Session.

Q: What does “if not triggered, cancel after 4 hours” mean?

A: The expiration means the trade order gets cancelled if not entered in 4 hours or less

Q: Where are the signals sent?

A: We have a dedicated discord server where trades are sent. Anytime Nick takes a trade on his account, our custom software forwards the trade info to the VIP team.

Q: Do the trades come with analysis?

A: Our team is not about blindly following alerts. With the trades, Nick shares details about the “whys” and “hows” behind what he is doing. The point of the service is to learn from Nick’s trades/analysis, not to copy.

Q: How much money do I need to trade?

A: The VIP service allows traders to see what trades Nick is currently involved in in real time, which traders can use as they’d like. Generally, our opinion is a 100 USD/GBP/EUR/ETC or more is a good starting balance for a new trader.

Q: Do I need to switch brokers? / What broker does Nick use?

A: You do not need to switch brokers to join our VIP service. You can see Nick’s preferred brokers here:

Q: Do you offer a trade copy service?

A: At this time there is no trade copy service available.

Q: Is there a free trial?

A: At this time there is no free trial available, as there would be far too many trial members to track. The best way to try out the service is to join for a month, and see if it’s for you.

Q: How can I view some testimonials/review?

A: See what some of our members have said here: