Mentorship Sessions

Mentorship Sessions

If you’re struggling with your trading, and could use a little extra help, I want to help. I have a ton of free content on YouTube, but if you’re looking to go deeper and get more specific help to your trading, I’d love to book a mentorship session with you. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 on 1 mentorship session with Nick
  • Specific evaluation of your trading
  • Ability to ask Nick questions over voice chat and screen share
  • Build a trading strategy that fits you
  • Build a risk management plan
  • Discuss trading psychology and ways to improve
  • Discuss ways to become consistent in your approach
  • Hear some of my own methods and approaches
  • Any trading related concepts you’d like to cover and receive help in

Want to book a session with me? I’d love to work with you.

STEP 1: Purchase a Session

1 One Hour Marketing Session


STEP 2: Contact Nick to Schedule

Once you’ve paid, let Nick know and you can schedule your session! Sessions will be held on Skype or Discord for screensharing and voice chat. Here’s how you can contact Nick:

  • tradernick135 on Telegram
  • tradernickfx on Instagram
  • by email

STEP 3: Learn!

I look forward to our session. I have a passion for trading and helping traders, so I am confident we will both get something out of our session!