Meet the Team

TraderNick – Founder

Cody Harden – Editor & Producer
Frank Cabibi – Stock Analyst

Early on in my trading career, friends would call me TraderNick as a joke, because I would spend quite a bit of time staring at the charts. The name stuck, and years later I still use it! My trading career started in stock trading & investing, but when I found Forex, I was immediately hooked. The 24/5 trading schedule, the heavy trading volume, and the multiple trading sessions each day made it extremely appealing, and so the journey began.

After years of studying the markets, I have come to the conclusion that, for my purposes anyways, simple is better. I don’t believe in fancy indicators and I definitely do not believe that forex trading is a get rich quick game (and neither should you!). I have found consistency in my trading through many hours of studying the charts, learning to master my own psychology, and learning the value of proper risk management. There is nothing “easy” about trading, and the ones who truly become profitable must earn it.

One of the tough parts (and there are definitely more than one) about being a trader is that it can be extremely lonely, and that’s why I started the service I now offer today. Once I had gotten to the point where my trading was consistent, I started reaching out to others and sharing the ideas that worked for me. I realized that helping other traders in their journey was one of the most fulfilling experiences, and so I started the trading community I offer today. The goal of my VIP membership service is to bring traders together to form a genuine community where people can learn and trade together. We are a passionate and dedicated group, and continue to grow and learn every day!