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Our goal is to provide top level insight to traders and investors interested in financial markets. Our team offers a variety of software tools, interactive online communities, and trading analysis from our top market analysts.

Additionally, our company provides consulting and content creation solutions for financial companies and brokerages.

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Meet our Top Market Analysts

Nick (Currency Market Analyst)

With nearly 5 years of experience in the financial markets, Nick is the chief market analyst and founder of Allied Markets LLC.

Val (XAU/USD Analyst)

With an impressive track record and love for trading gold, Val is our lead analyst for XAU/USD and other commodities.

Frank (Stock Market Analyst)

Frank is a stock trading technician with a focus on both fundamental and technical analysis. His strengths lie in swing trading, and long term investing in high potential companies.

I joined and was immediately given access to tons of very useful and career changing information. It all helped me to become even more profitable and accurate when trading.

– Roger

These automated bots, once set up with perimeters in place for proper risk management are an amazing means of building trading accounts, they remove the psychological stress of trading

– CJ


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